Major Fydrych`s paintings and Orange Alternative

Since 2018 until now - Exhibitions of Waldemar "Major" Fydrych`s artistic heritage, from Orange Alternative through his paintings 

The project consists in organizing exhibitions of paintings by Polish artist Waldemar "Major" Fydrych along with exhibits on the heritage of the Orange Alternative movement created by the artist.

Since the early 1980s, Waldemar "Major" Fydrych has been painting both in watercolor and oil and acrylic on canvas. We plan to organize, in cooperation with galleries and art museums, at least four exhibitions in Poland in the coming years, which will present the artist`s painting work to the public.

In January 2019, we opened the first of these exhibitions at the "Oranżeria" Gallery of the PAN Palace in Jabłonna near Warsaw. It was organized under the supervision of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. The exhibition "Waldemar `Major` Fydrych - Paintings" was curated by a well-known Polish graphic artist and lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, professor Stanisław Wieczorek. It was the first such extensive review of the artist`s paintings, painted in watercolor, acrylic and oil on canvas and cardboard, since the 1980s.

On September 8-30, 2020, another exhibition took place, entitled "Waldemar `Major` Fydrych - Yesterday and Today" in a famous Warsaw gallery, Galeria XX1.

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