Exhibition of Major Fydrych`s paintings in Gallery XX1 in Warsaw

30.03.2021 -

From October 8th till 30th, an exhibition of Waldemar "Major" Fydrych`s paintings took place in Gallery XX1 in Warsaw, Despite the difficulties caused by the epidemics, its official opening took place in an "open formula", with the artist present and welcoming guests onsite until late hours.

Financial support of the Polish MKiDN awarded

21.02.2019 -

With a great pleasure we inform that our application to the program "Literature" of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage requesting financial support for a publication of a children`s book (ages 8 to 12) about Michał Boym, SI, a great Polish scientist, seventeen century jesuit and missionary to China, has been qualified to receive public support.

Opening of the exposition "Waldemar "Major" Fydrych - Paintings"

28.01.2019 -

The first exposition of Waldemar "Major" Fydrych`s paintings to be presented in the course of 2019 has just been opened. The opening ceremony took place on Sunday, January 20th, at the Orangeria Gallery of the Poniatowski Palace in Jabłonna near Warsaw, which currently belongs to the Polish Academy of Sciences. The opening was preceded by a classical music concert held in the astounding interiors of the oval hall of the Palace.

"Michał Boym – Polish Marco Polo A.D. 2019"

15.12.2018 -

Our Foundation has already acquired domains as well as A website on Michał Boym is currently under construction.

Application to the Ministry of Culture

30.11.2018 -

Today the Foundation applied to obtain the financial support from the Polish Ministry of Culture to publish an illustrated book for children of age 8 to 12., entitled "How Michał from Lviv made it to China" and written by professor Monika Miazek-Męczyńska about the extraordinary person of Michał Boym, a Polish 17th century jesuit, born in the distinguished Lviv family of the Boyms (see the Boym Chapel), a son of Paweł Jerzy Boym - a Lviv city counsillor and its mayor as well as the court physician to the Polish King Sisigmund III the Old.

"Michał Boym - Polish Marco Polo A.D. 2019" Honorary Committee of Support

30.11.2018 -

The project will be put in place with the assistance of the Center for East Asian Studies of University of Gdańsk and in collaboration with the Curia of Society of Jesus for Wielkopolsko-Mazowiecka Province.

Cooperation with SINICUM in Warsaw

25.10.2018 -

As part of the "Michał Boym - Polish Marco Polo A.D. 2019" project, our Foundation began to cooperate with the Sinicum - Michał Boym Association (

Cooperation with Sino-European Culture Association

20.03.2018 -

The Orange Alternative Foundation has undertaken a partnership cooperation with Sino-European Culture Association.

Michał Boym - Polish Marco Polo A.D. 2019

15.01.2018 -

Our Foundation decided to begin works on a project to commemmorate the life and achievements of Father Michał Boym, a Polish 17th century jesuit and missionary to China. Father Boym was born in a renown merchant family of the Boyms (see the Boym Chapel) in the city of Lviv (formerly Poland, presently Ukraine). Notwithstanding his great contribution to sciences he remains unfortunately unknown to the Polish public.